Features of Tata Nano
Features of Tata Nano
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Tata Nano

Tata Nano is a marvel of a product yet audaciously economical and mechanically simple But does ownin..

Operations Execution System

An OES is enhanced over MES as it synchronises production and logistics with ERP and plant automatio..

Design for Recycling

Rising raw material cost and regulatory pressure are forcing automotive manufacturers to design vehi..

Driver-centred Design

Automation in cars is evolving so fast that it threatens to outpace the humans ability to keep up As..

Renewable Methane

Renewable methane offers a solution to fuel security and to the problem of waste disposal..

Car Key

The Connected Key is the future It allows the implementation of severa..


Stiff competition in domestic automotive market is forcing OEMs and automotive component manufacture..


James Tobin talks about the auto components industry in India and the Tier 1s like Magna operating i..

Capturing CO2

There is an urgent need to develop an innovative technology for combin..

Surface Engineering Treatment

Surface Engineering Treatment is a revolutionary technology that could potentially replace existing ..
Dr. Wolfgang Epple

Market for Hybrids - Set to grow

Dr. Wolfgang Epple
Vice President Hybri
Looking at the challenges in the various world markets the hybrid tech..

E-mobility takes on greater global significance

Global potential The rising world population scarcity of natural resources and threat of global warming have all contributed to an evolving paradigm shift with..

Thermoelectric nanowires to help carmakers harvest power from exhaust systems, improve car efficiency

Efficiency is big in the tiny world of thermoelectric nanowires Researchers at Sandia National Labo..

Internal combustion engine cold-start efficiency

Highlights The sources of IC engine cold start efficiency are reviewed and quantified Potential solutions are reviewed and the benefit qua..

Flexible Market Entry Pricing Strategy for a New Automotive Supplier

Automotive Supplier Competitive pricing is an important requirement for original equipment manu..

Digitization: The Way Forward for Automotive Companies

Automotive companies are caught in a catch 22 situation on one hand the industry is grappling with the challenge of maintaining healthy balance sheets and on the other it is attempting to a..
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